The Mokum's special menu

€ 24,95

Amsterdam, also known as mokum by the locals gives you the perfect setting for dining on the water.

Get surprised by The Mokum menus. This menu consists of a variety of meats for use on our waterBBQ.

This menu consists of:

  • Hamburger 120g
  • Chicken saté 80g
  • Sausage 90g
  • Steak skewer 80g
  • Mayonnaise, Ketchup, BBQ sauce
  • Garlic butter
  • Russian salad
  • Baguette, white or brown
  • 2 soda's of your picking

This menu is excluding sailing.

Do you have any tips or would you like to see some changes in our menu's?
Please let us know by posting a comment below one of our menu's!
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